DMMS Jazz Band
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The DMMS Jazz Band is open to 8th graders in the DMMS Band program, and rehearses once a week. This is the first experience in jazz education for the students, and emphasis is placed on learning the fundamentals, jazz articulations and licks, as well as learning to improvise to 12-bar blues form. The group performs at the MIOSM Concert, Spring Concert and 8th Grade graduation ceremony. Cindy Shirk has directed the DMMS 8th Grade Jazz Band since 1998. In the past 15 years, the DMMS Jazz Band has traveled annually to jazz festivals in Southern Minnesota, achieving high praise from clinicians who have critiqued and worked with them. Many students in the bands have also received special awards for their soloing at these festivals.

Occasionally, we may have openings for a few advanced 7th grade players if there is a need.