Band 7
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Course Objective

The goals of the band program at DMMS are as follows:

1. To increase musical knowledge, skills, and understanding
2. To express creativity and musical ideas
3. To provide new musical experiences and participation in musical performances

Course Overview
7th grade students at Dakota Meadows are in their second year of band study.

The band curriculum is performance-based, with the bands preparing for three major performances during the school year. In addition to music theory and history covered in the teaching of the concert music, students progress through the Sound Innovations band method in small group lessons. A few students in 7th grade may also have the opportunity to participate in the DMMS 8th gr. Jazz Band (when there is a need) which meets once per week on Friday afternoons.

While much musical knowledge is taught through the music that is rehearsed for these performances, students are also expected to be able to meet established criteria such as the learning of required concert scales as listed below.

Concert Attendance
Concerts are an extension of the school day and all band students are expected to participate in all DMMS band concerts unless there is an illness or other extenuating circumstance in which the student will be excused if timely advance notice is given.

Students are evaluated on factors such as lesson preparation and attendance, proper rehearsal participation and conduct, assessments, post-concert reflections, and individual progress. All students are expected to use and turn in a weekly practice log, and attend all lessons.

Performance Expectations - 7th Grade
In addition to assessments such as those based on performance pieces, by end of 7th grade, students will be expected to be able to play a one-octave Concert Bb chromatic scale as well as these Concert scales with music at a competent level: Bb, Eb, Ab, F, G, and C. Students should also be familiar with and be able to play (with music) other scales listed on their scales sheet.

Additional Expectations
When time allows in the progress of the school year, additional expectations such as music composing may also be added to the teaching of the course. The band handbook can be found at the DMMS Bands website.

Visit the DMMS Bands website for complete information on the DMMS 7-8 Bands

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