Welcome to Kasota Trail U.S. Studies!

Teacher Joe Broze
In this 7th grade Social Studies class we learn about United States History from Westward Expansion to present day. We also learn about the U.S. Constitution, U.S. Geography, and Economics.  This course is on Moodle and students use iPads in the classroom.  We use Project-Based Learning and hands-on activities as often as possible.

Kasota Trail   Mr. Broze   Grade 7


Course Description: U.S. Studies will be an online technology based course that will focus on U.S. Geography, Economics, and U.S. History from 1792-Present.

Units of Study:

1. Citizenship and Government: Important American Documents

2. United States Geography

3. United States Expansion and Reform 1792-1861

4. Civil War and Reconstruction 1850-1877

5. Development of Industrial United States 1870-1920

6. The Great Depression and World War II 1920-1945

7. Post World War II 1945-1989

8. New Global Age 1980-Present

9. Economics

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