8th Grade GTT PLTW

Unit 1 Automation and Robotics
​ Students trace the history and development of automation and robotics. They learn about structures, energy transfer, machine automation, and computer control systems. Students acquire knowledge and skills in engineering problem solving and explore requirements for careers in engineering.We use VEX robotics as well as RobotC for coding. 

 Unit 2 Design and Modeling
This unit uses solid modeling (a sophisticated mathematical technique for representing solid objects) to introduce students to the design process. Utilizing this design approach, students understand how solid modeling has influenced their lives. Students also learn sketching techniques and use descriptive geometry as a component of design, measurement, and computer modeling. Using the design process, students brainstorm, research, develop ideas, create models, test and evaluate design ideas, and communicate their solution to solve problems. We use Autodesk Inventor for our software.

Unit 3 Traditional Woodworking
 We take what we designed in unit 2 and build and paint our cars. The last days of class we race our cars.