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Teacher Nate Elness
Here at Dakota Meadows we are part of Project Lead The Way. The classes that are taught here are from Gateway to Technology. Gateway to Technology Course Description The Gateway to Technology (GTT) program addresses the interest and energy of middle school students while incorporating national standards in mathematics, science, and technology. This activity-oriented, cutting-edge program shows students how technology is used in engineering to solve everyday problems. GTT currently consists of six instructional units that motivate students to become creative innovators. During the GTT experience, students will gain the skills they need to develop, produce, and use products and services. The Gateway to Technology curriculum provides project-based - a hands on approach - that is exciting and challenging for the full range of students in todays grade 7-8 classrooms. The curriculum relates technology to students daily lives. It promotes communication and collaboration by emphasizing a teaming approach in the instructional units. This approach utilizes the strengths of each team member to accomplish the goals of the project while offering learning challenges at all ability levels.

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